El principio de simetria en el dibujo

Para todos los pequeñines que están empezando a distinguir las figuras, los contornos, las lineas y los horizontes.

Cuando vemos la tierra, el cuerpo humano, los animales, las flores y demás objetos de la naturaleza nos damos cuenta que tienen algo similar.  Y es que son casi identicos del otro lado y esto los hace proporcionados, estéticos y hermosos.  La palabra para definir este fenomeno es simetria.

En los siguientes dibujos podrás hacer algunos ejercicios donde se muestra la simetria.


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Be Zen

Follow me in: http://apollouniversity.academia.edu/BeZen Bachelors and Masters Art History (UNAM) Apollo University. First of all, I consider myself an independent lady, spiritual, and I like to find my own projects and work in them. I love Art and I am a photographer. I love to work with Art, children and new projects. Ever since I can remember, I have had the dream to share the beauty of the world through Art History and the great things that human beings have done and are still doing it. I am open to see and explore the infinite possibilities of artist creative minds, because they explore the art in many different ways and from many different cultures. My dream is to continue re-building and transforming “ALASART”, my website, into an open space, a kind of traveling open school for Art History and History, where you can find articles, interviews, and open spaces to write about Art specific Art from XIX century and Art focus in Myths. Also it will have a space for education of Arts for kids and Adults. Especially for those children and their parents who love art and have difficulties accessing Museums. We also have a great virtual Gallery and Store with creation of great artist. I started with ALASART, (before ARTHYW) , Most of the images I post on www.arthyworld.ning.com which are the fruits of the efforts of many friends and members from around the world who share their pictures with me. I am really grateful to them. This was the beginning of my dream. Special thanks to our great friends and supporting donors and people who show with invisible presence behind-the-scenes and supporting all the time. ALASART. Art and Time for me means everything, means having wings to go everywhere collecting the Art in an Ark sharing the best from kid to kid. ALASART, means time and space. Focus mostly in Myths in the Arts. We look how the myths being represented in different symbols and image during the time.

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